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Integrative psychiatry blends traditional psychiatry and holistic medical care while incorporating numerous treatment approaches and healing therapies. Integrative psychiatrists are able to offer their patients more treatment options as they view the patient as a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being and not simply a physical body. Recognition that the brain is not separate from the body is crucial; the health of the mind depends directly on the health of the body.

Seeking to identify all the factors of your symptoms such as nutrition, genetics, stress factors, lifestyle, personality, temperament and background creates a treatment approach designed specifically for you. This personalized approach to medicine creates a stronger doctor-patient relationship and helps to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms.

Integrative psychiatrists believe that pharmaceutical medications should be viewed as a component of care and not the sole treatment method. In an effort to reduce unwanted side effects from pharmaceutical medications, integrative psychiatrists will use lower medication doses and incorporate dietary changes, supplements, exercise, relaxation training and a variety of mind-body therapies into each comprehensive treatment plan.

Integrative medicine works to restore optimal health and wellness of the entire body. For more information regarding integrative methods, please review the following resources:

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